4 Ways IT Leaders Can Win the Race for Talent

Rapid digital transformation has intensified the hunt for tech talent. Even in the wake of headline-grabbing layoffs, the competition for talent remains fierce. Shifting employee preferences have led to increased voluntary turnover, with just a third of IT staff inclined to stay in their current roles, according to a Gartner survey.

To prepare for a rising demand for IT technologists, leaders must reinvent their strategy to build a sustainable pipeline of highly skilled talent. Without fully-staffed teams, organizations hoping to execute digital transformations could be at risk. The good news is there are four ways to continue building a talent strategy, even in lean times.


When building your tech team, consider the long-term benefits, not just the immediate costs. The right tech professionals will bring expertise, innovation, and efficiency improvements that increase profitability. According to Deloitte, “Our view is that spending on talent should have a strategy like any other major expense category. It should require a long-term investment mindset, with the expectation of a return.” Leaders can create a roadmap for success by identifying the source of immediate issues and forecasting future talent skill gaps.


Encouraging tech professionals within your company to explore new roles and grow is a great way to retain top talent, lower recruiting costs, and keep your company competitive. As new technologies emerge, leaders should continue to invest in upskilling for tech skills and focus on tailoring training programs by roles and proficiency levels.


From 2017 to 2021, more than 14,000 new apprenticeship programs were added across all industries, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Apprenticeship programs can be an optimal solution for filling niche or difficult-to-recruit positions. Investing in high-value apprenticeships that incorporate a mix of immersive technical training, essential professional development training, and practical on-the-job training can be the key to strategically filling positions and addressing skills gaps.


If your tech team is focused on high-impact initiatives that align with organizational goals rather than spreading resources too thin. New problems require innovative solutions, such as moving to a skills-based hiring model. Assessing candidates on their abilities rather than degrees, can help relieve talent shortages, increase diversity, and strengthen internal mobility in the workplace. One-fifth of current U.S. job listings on LinkedIn don’t require a four-year degree, an increase of more than 30 percent over the past six months, according to SHRM.


It is virtually impossible to win the race for tech talent today without building your own pipeline of qualified candidates. Per Scholas technologists receive high-quality, immersive technical training that provides them with the skills necessary to add value to your business from day one. Our unique approach to training places an emphasis on developing those essential skills that will help our talent effectively communicate and collaborate with your team. Our Enterprise experts are here to help you find, hire, keep, and develop the diverse tech talent essential to your business. Reach out today to start a conversation.

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