Enterprise Talent Solutions

An approach to tech talent centered around your needs.

Whether you are recruiting new talent or introducing new skills to an existing workforce, we architect talent solutions that unlock business ROI.

We help identify precise technical skills and competencies that provide the greatest impact, and design an approach to fit your specific operational needs.

Our talent architects offer bespoke solutions that configure and/or train a consistently reliable supply of diverse technical candidates to fill your positions today and in the future. Whether your gaps lie in Information Technology, Application Development or Cloud DevOps, we’re experts are ready to build the right solution for you.


roadmap iconPlanning your roadmap.

Placing the right technical ready-to-work candidates trained on your needs near term and long term for the best possible skills match.

clock iconDecreasing downtime.

Ensuring a tailored pipeline of skilled and capable technologists who are ready to step into your key roles as needed.

hands iconReducing turnover.

We deliver the necessary upskilling/reskilling of current team members. This ensures effective on site, hybrid, or virtual training leads to individual and your group's success.


A Guide to Building a Sustainable Tech Recruitment Pipeline:
Learn how it can work for you:

In spite of a potential economic slowdown in 2023, the tech sector is still projected to have an extremely tight labor market with a currently overwhelming estimate of around 1.3 million tech job openings and only 70K Computer Science graduates from 4-year colleges a year.

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Start building talent. Stop buying it.

Building a pipeline versus buying traditional recruiting lowers the ultimate cost per employee.

Hiring Per Scholas candidates reduces turnover by 30%. Our training curriculum is hands on, reflecting the market and the companies we serve. 85% of our training graduates are credentialed with industry recognized certifications in fields like cybersecurity, java, cloud and software engineering.

New skills training broadens the expertise of teams while increasing their overall productivity.

Upskilling, reskilling and skill building solutions offer training that gives employees new or enhanced technology skills.

An approach that scales to meet your unique requirements.


Find the gaps

We understand how technology scales. We identify skills gaps today and help plan the right course of action for tomorrow.


Design future business impact

We design the training and development programs to achieve ROI by filling new roles, backfilling open positions or adding skills training for current employees.


Implement needed capabilities

We provide a purpose-built pipeline of capable technologists through recruiting or upskilling who are ready to step into key roles.


Sustain partnership

Our approach includes ongoing training and onsite or virtual engagement that helps to ensure long-term retention success.

Can your team fully execute today? What about tomorrow?

Per Scholas Enterprise Talent Solutions helps companies not only find the new talent they need but upskill and reskill the team they already have.

Start by having a conversation with one of our Talent Architects.

They can answer any questions about specific needs and provide you with an initial talent and skills gaps assessment. 

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