When 90% of C-Suite executives tell us something, we listen

Ever wondered what’s on the minds of top executives when it comes to the future of tech? We recently surveyed 500 C-suite leaders from diverse industries to get answers.

The data revealed how these influential leaders view the ever-changing role of tech in the business world and how they plan to evolve with it. Their answers are more than just data points — they are glimpses into the minds of those shaping the future of our business landscape.

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90% plan to offer upskilling or reskilling for their current employees
This strong consensus speaks volumes. As the business landscape continues to undergo transformation, thought-leading executives are recognizing the pivotal role that investing in their employees’ growth and development plays in driving long-term success.

76% would be very likely to hire a candidate with experience using AI
Given that the survey covers over 25 industries this statistic is quite significant. It underscores the shift in the hiring landscape, where proficiency in AI is increasingly becoming a highly sought-after attribute. By acknowledging the value of AI experience, these executives are not only ensuring the relevance and competitiveness of their organizations, but also fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

50% don’t believe a college degree should be mandatory
Industry leaders increasingly recognize the value of practical experience over 4-year degrees. Per Scholas, in line with this sentiment, aims to close the tech-talent gap by empowering technologists with hands-on training to compete for tech opportunities based on their abilities. This shift signals a broader transformation in hiring practices, championing diversity and inclusivity.

Develop the tech talent essential to your business
Whether you need to evaluate skill gaps and implement upskilling to bring your incumbent staff up to speed, or build a customized training program to create the tech talent team you need to deliver on digital transformation, our Enterprise experts are here to help. For over 25 years, Per Scholas has been executing high-quality, immersive technical training driven by the evolving demands of American business. Our unique approach to training places an emphasis on developing those essential skills that will help our talent effectively communicate and collaborate with your team, making an impact at your business from day one. Reach out today to start a discussion.

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Damien Howard

Damien Howard is the Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer at Per Scholas, and the co-founder of the national conversation and action series, Diverse by Design. He is an innovative leader with broad-based expertise in sales, management, contract negotiations, operations, and business development.

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