Enhancing Green Energy Through Digital Innovation and a Skilled Workforce

As the transition to clean and sustainable energy pushes forward, a skilled workforce is needed. In its World Energy Employment report for 2023, the International Energy Agency (IEA) found that green energy companies struggle to develop a sufficient talent pipeline. Employers need talented workers with advanced technical skill sets to grow.

Digital innovation is the key to the clean energy transition. Adopting digital technology at scale will improve electric grids’ management and reliability, coordination with utility companies, and help consumers optimize energy use. Workers with IT, cloud DevOps, software engineering, and cybersecurity skills are needed to make it happen.

Hiring managers and HR professionals at green energy companies need to fill these essential roles. Training your current teams or connecting with qualified technologists ensures you have a highly-skilled, diverse tech team driving your clean energy initiatives. Here’s what you need to know about green energy and a skilled digital workforce.

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How Digital Technology Roles Enhance Green Energy

How important is digital technology to the clean energy transition? Consider the role of cloud computing: the cloud makes massive computing power and large amounts of data storage available to green energy companies.

Having a strong cloud development team ensures the proper implementation of this technology, which is critical for an energy company’s ability to scale, aiding these essential tasks:

  • Predictions and forecasting: Cloud computing helps forecast energy demand, supply patterns, and even equipment maintenance needs.
  • Ensuring green credentials: Cloud applications track the origin of energy, guaranteeing it comes from renewable sources.
  • 24/7 matching: Smart meters send real-time updates to the cloud, enabling a constant dance of matching renewable energy to consumer needs.
  • Understanding your customers: By consolidating data, companies gain insights into their customer base and tailor solutions.

Other than Cloud DevOps, these key green tech roles include:


As energy companies embrace digitization, the importance of a strong cybersecurity team cannot be overstated. Cyberattacks on energy infrastructure, from grids, nuclear power plants, pipelines, to dams, have become alarmingly frequent. These breaches can severely damage your company’s reputation and lead to lost business, plummeting stock prices, and significant legal fees.

A well-functioning cybersecurity team is your first line of defense. Skilled cybersecurity experts constantly work to identify and mitigate threats, implement protocols and encryption to safeguard data, and develop response plans to tackle breaches head-on. Investing in these teams isn’t just about protecting assets, it’s about preserving your company’s reputation and ensuring long-term success. 

In a post-AI world where digital threats are rapidly evolving, ensuring you have a capable cybersecurity workforce is a strategic imperative. By doing so, you’re not only mitigating risks but also reinforcing trust with stakeholders and securing a resilient future for your business.

Software Development

Software developers are the architects of energy management. They create the code that makes everything run smoothly, optimizing energy usage and enabling real-time monitoring assets.

Talented developers leverage predictive analytics to forecast demand and supply, boosting the reliability of our energy systems. With innovative digital applications, these essential employees give your company the tools to monitor energy consumption and make informed decisions.

In essence, skilled software engineers are key to equipping your business with the tools to operate efficiently in the sustainable energy market, driving both performance and innovation.

IT Support 

Behind the scenes, IT support teams are the unsung heroes ensuring the smooth operation of the digital infrastructure. These dedicated tech experts troubleshoot software glitches, resolve hardware issues, and secure networks from cyber threats.

IT support teams manage data backups and recoveries, safeguarding critical information. Without qualified IT support, the digital systems that power the clean energy transition could very well grind to a halt.

Ensuring you have qualified IT support is crucial for maintaining the stability and security of your operations so your company can continue to innovate and perform at its best.

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Upskill Your Workforce For a Competitive Edge

With the green energy industry becoming increasingly digitized, having a tech workforce proficient in cutting-edge techniques is crucial. Despite record layoffs, there is a significant shortage of tech talent across the industry, resulting in an all-time high time-to-hire rate of 44 days. Considering the costs associated with extended hiring periods and increased turnover rates for new hires, upskilling your current workforce is a smart, cost-effective solution. Our upskilling programs, taught by industry experts, ensure your team exceeds industry standards.

Enhancing the skills of your existing tech workforce ensures that your company can maintain its infrastructure, manage its systems, and scale efficiently, all while improving worker morale, company culture, and talent retention. However, If your company doesn’t have access to internal candidates to upskill, we offer another solution.

Addressing Your Skill Gaps Through our Tech Talent Pipeline

At Per Scholas, we specialize in training technologists nationwide, covering a full spectrum of digital skills, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and IT support.

Through our talent solutions program, we provide companies access to a diverse pool of high-quality technologists, helping you avoid the high costs of recruiting.

Our tuition-free technical training attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds, and with 40% of our technologists identifying as women, compared to the industry average of 25% in computing roles, we can help shore up the current gender gap in the clean energy sphere.

Our tech talent experts have extensive experience collaborating with industry-leading energy companies. Schedule a meeting to learn how we can quickly fill your tech skill gaps and support your company’s growth.

Close Tech Talent Gaps With Per Scholas

Whether you’re looking to upskill your existing workforce or connect with qualified technologists, Per Scholas is here to help close tech talent gaps for good. Every company is a technology company now, and businesses in the green energy sector are no exception. 

We can help companies like yours fill their tech roles immediately or provide the programs to upskill and reskill your existing talent. Start covering your green energy digital talent needs, contact a Per Scholas talent solutions expert today.

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