5 Reasons Why Upskilling is on the Upswing

In today’s rapidly changing tech job market, upskilling has become a key strategy for organizations and individuals looking to stay ahead. From addressing the widening skills gap to meeting the demands of a dynamic workforce, the importance of continuous learning and development can’t be overstated. Let’s explore five key reasons why upskilling is experiencing a significant upswing. 

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1. The Widening Skills Gap

69% of the HR professionals believe their organization has a skills gap. *2023 Market Insights by Wiley 

As industries undergo seismic shifts, a skills gap has emerged as a major concern for many organizations, forcing them to rethink their hiring game. Traditional recruiting is not only a drain on time and resources but can also hit hard on the bottom line, with turnover costs going as high as 60% of a yearly salaryThat’s why many companies — including Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — are shifting gears and diving into upskilling programs. 

These initiatives aren’t just about fixing short-term skill gaps—they’re turbocharging workforces everywhere. By giving teams new skills, companies are boosting productivity, sparking innovation, and ensuring they are ready for whatever the future holds. Plus, investing in upskilling isn’t just good for teams—it’s a smart way to attract top talent and keep it


2. The Fear of Becoming Obsolete

Workers are increasingly worried about technology making their jobs obsolete. Surveys show many fear AI could replace them soon. It’s not just about losing a job—it’s also about not having the skills for the AI era. But here’s the thing: with support and training, embracing AI can boost engagement and productivity. Companies that invest in employee development build stronger teams and attract top talent. In the AI revolution, investing in people is key for long-term success.

3. Employee Demand for Upskilling

41% of employees are ready to leave if they aren’t given upskilling opportunities* *TalentLMS and Vyond

Employees are realizing how vital upskilling is for their careers and job security. TalentLMS and Vyond found that 66% of employees believe they need new skills to be successful at their jobs — and if they don’t get support obtaining those new skills, they will leave. This highlights the urgent need for companies to focus on employee development. It’s not just a preference anymore—it’s crucial for keeping top talent and building a skilled team.


4. Recruiting Challenges

Finding top tech talent has always been tough. But now it’s more challenging than ever. Why? Three big reasons: the unemployment rate is extremely low, job-seekers are getting choosier, and jobs are evolving fast. This means companies need to rethink how they attract and keep top talent. This is why 90% of c-suite leaders we surveyed plan to offer upskilling or reskilling to their current employees. By investing in training and developing current employees, businesses can bridge the skills gap, making it easier to find the right people and stay ahead in this competitive landscape.

5. Undeniable Benefits of Upskilling

“CEOs who have embraced the potential of upskilling are realising the rewards.”  PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey

Upskilling is emerging as a key strategy for organizations that want to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. It’s not just about improving productivity today; it’s about equipping teams with the latest skills so they’re ready to navigate the challenges of tomorrow. By investing in upskilling initiatives, companies fuel innovation, keep their workforce adaptable to changing demands, increase employee satisfaction, and attract top talent who are on the hunt for growth opportunities. It’s a win-win situation where employees gain valuable skills, and organizations secure a competitive edge in the market.


How Per Scholas Can Help

When it comes to upskilling, organizations need more than just a training program—they need a strategic upskilling partner. Per Scholas offers more than training courses; they offer tailored solutions designed to address an organization’s specific technology challenges. From identifying skill gaps to developing customized training programs, Per Scholas is ready to help you future-proof your team. 

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